Unit 3: Balance

Please find below an outline of expectations to support the sheets already provided in class.

Be reminded that you are working towards having published a story, an empathetic and historical account of past migration.

Writing Style

As discussed in class the story needs to

  • be written in the first person
  • include emotions, feelings and rich description (sights, sounds, smells, tastes)
  • be factually accurate
  • include push factors and pull factors such as political,social and economic reasons for the migration
  • cover all stages of the journey (emigration, migration, immigration, settlement)
  • be presented as either a diary, a reflection on past events (memoir) or an ongoing story

Sections of the Story

  1. Why you left your country of origin
  2. Why you chose to come to England
  3. What your journey was like
  4. What happened when you arrived
  5. Where did you settle
  6. What were the reactions of locals
  7. How did you effect the society you became part of

Criteria for success


A range of sentences using a range of techniques e.g. alliteration, punctuation, metaphor, quotes, speech and rhetorical questions for example
Push factors  – a few reasons why they migrated from the country of origin
Pull factors – explain what attracted them to England
Key words – social, political, economic, environmental, immigrant, migrant, migration, refugee, asylum, push and pull factors.
Description of the route – how did they get to the UK? How far did they have to travel? Was it dangerous.  This could be an illustration.  
Further explanation e.g. if there was a war, when, why & how did it happen
Links to Geography – connect this historical migration story to the story you are writing in Geography. Are any of these historical experiences similar to your own?
Maps and an illustration – include a map using google maps to show the route and location of the country you are describing.  Include an artefact from that country and historical period.
ICT is used carefully – size 11 arial font, (size 12 and bold for the title). make a record of any websites/sources you use.
Extra challenge
An evaluation of the long term impact on Britain as a result of this historical migration

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