Unit 2: Finding out new things is a human driver and affects things for better and worse.

Unit Expectations:

This Unit is designed to enable you to develop the following:

  • To explain the causes of an effect/consequence
  • To categorise consequences
  • To begin measuring effects of historical actions
  • To enhance Research & Record skills
  • To apply Collaboration within History
  • To act upon feedback.      

The Outline of this Unit can be found here. A copy should also be attached to your class books alongside your grade card.


Grade Card:

Use this grade card to help you track your skills progress. Your goal is to be able to evidence every level of skill listed on this card. Unit2gradecardDiscoveryKnowledge Questions:

Within History you are expected to develop your own Knowledge through revising for and completing regular Knowledge Quizzes. You will be quizzed on all the questions listed at the bottom of this page across the Foundation year.

To successfully progress from Foundation and into Level 1 you MUST regularly get above 80% as a score on the Knowledge Quizzes.

These are the first 10 questions that you will be tested upon. 100% i possible if you work together as a Learning Set to find and check the answers.

So study the questions, find the answers and get revising, ready for The History Knowledge Quiz

  1. When did the Romans FIRST invade Britain?

  2. Who was their leader?

  3. What did the Romans call London?

  4. In what year did the Romans leave Britain?

  5. Where did Anglo-Saxons come from?

  6. Where did the Viking invaders come from?

  7. What 3 leaders wanted the English throne in 1066?

  8. What was the famous battle that happened just before the Battle of Hastings?

  9. On what hill was the Battle of Hastings, 1066, fought?

  10. Who won the Battle of Hastings in 1066?

When giving feedback to your Learning Set we like you to use the following supportive and collaborative approach:

Use the following slides as a guide to help you improve your work and learning:


Session 1-2:

Watch out for new resources and session slides here.

Session 3-4

Session 5-6

Session 7-8

Session 9-10

Session 11-12


Use this link to find help to complete the written assignment. 

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