Unit 1: When people work together they can achieve a common goal.


  • Full details of the Unit can be found here (Click Me)
  • Track your Progress against I can…statements using the sheet linked (click here).

When giving feedback to your Learning Set we like you to use the following supportive and collaborative approach:

Use the following slides as a guide to help you improve your work and learning:

Weekly Skills Master Classes can be found here (Click me).


In this Unit you will work as a Learning Set to produce a number of products and artefacts. In Session 6 you will begin working to produce these products.
Details of each product and some examples of last years can be found here (Click me).

All Learning Sessions for this Unit can be viewed below

Session 1-2

Session 3-4

Session 5-6

Session 7-8

Session 9-10



Use this sheet to help you deal with sources and evidence during this project.


Session 11-12

Session 13-14

Session 15-16

Session 17-18

Session 19-20

Half Term:

Your task is to complete your own part of the final LS Civilisation presentation. Remember that the presentation will be made to parents and teachers. All will need to be ready for presentation the week after we get back from the holidays. 


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