Unit 1: Identity

Humanities Expectations

Unit 1

Big Idea: Our sense of self, and that of others, is continually developing through our different interactions and impacts on how we exist in the world.

Driving Question –  What does it mean to me to be a Londoner?

Unit Overview: What am I learning? You will learn about life in London today and through time, the common features of ‘social’ life, how life for people changed and which features remained the same across time. Throughout you will link your emerging knowledge to your developing understanding of what it means to be a Londoner and what has helped create this identity. Through History Masterclasses you will look at the events of and life within Roman London, Medieval London, 19th Century London, 20th Century London and link it into 21st Century London. Through Geography Masterclasses you will explore through the features of 21st century life within London using data sets including those derived from the 2011 census. Through Philosophy, RE & Ethics Masterclasses you will explore your own faith and ethical identity as a modern Londoner considering ideas such as hard determinism and free will.

How will I learn? After learning about 21st Century London, and thinking about a London identity, you will collaborate to plan, research, record and teach others about life in one of the 4 periods above. You will analyse the nature of Change and Continuity within the evolution of the London identity. MC’s will help you develop K&U of these different time periods and will focus on developing appropriate communication skills.

Why am I learning this? London is an exciting and fascinating global city but why has it come to be such a place? You are a Londoner and what does that mean to you and as an identity what has contributed to it? Perhaps through this study you will enhance your sense of community, as well as your knowledge of London’s past.  How will I be assessed? You will be assessed through a final diagram which will draw together all Humanities subjects and the skills outlined below.

Within History you are being assessed on your skill Communication of the past; Change and Continuity. This will be assessed formatively in week 4/5 and summatively in week 5/6 through your ability to identify and analyse features of social life from across the ages in your final Identity Poster.

Within Geography you are being assessed on your skill of data interpretation and analysis.  Also cause-impact relationship.

Within Philosophy, Religion & Ethics you are being assessed on your skill of using philosophical arguments to explain change.

Big Questions, History: To what extent has the identity of a Londoner changed over time?

Big Questions, Geography:  To what extent does growing up in London provide more opportunities than challenges?

Session 1 & 2 Slides:

Home Learning Session 1 & 2 Knowledge Harvest Activities: Assess what you already know about the history and identity of London.

1: Click here and complete within the first week of the Unit. You will be emailed with your responses so that you can improve upon your knowledge and gain 100% on the end of Unit Knowledge Test. 



More resources to follow 



CGL Research Planning Sheet: Print out a copy of this sheet to plan the CGL investigation.

Research Planning Sheet

End of Unit Knowledge Test:

Click here to complete the end of Unit test. Remember you are aiming to get over 85%. You can only do it once so make sure you have revised and you are ready.

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