Tradition: Knowledge Questions

  1. What does the word Empire mean?
  2. Name one type of Imperialism.
  3. Name three countries that were part of the British Empire.
  4. Which country within the Empire was known as the Jewel in the Crown?
  5. The British Empire was largest on which continent?
  6. Which monarchs ruled Britain when the Empire began to grow and when it was at its peak of power?
  7. Give one valid reason for why Britain wanted an Empire.
  8. Which other country did Britain complete with the most to gain a bigger Empire?
  9. Which powerful country today used to be part of the British Empire?
  10. When did this country leave the British Empire?
  11. The British Empire began with maritime explorations in which century?
  12. After which war did most of Britain territories become independent?
  13. Complete this sentence relating to the British Empire, ‘The Sun…..’
  14. What resource did Egypt have lots of which made is desirable to Britain?
  15. Who was the General who helped Britain seize control of Canada?
  16. Which African Empire and culture was destroyed when the British took over their lands?
  17. Britain traded slaves in the early part of their Empire. This trade was part of a bigger trade network. What was this trade network called?
  18. Which island became Britain’s first slave colony in the Caribbean?
  19. Which famous author wrote many books set within the British Empire?
  20. The British Empire has ended but which former empire countries are part of the Commonwealth?

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