Term 1b Connected Curriculum

Please find below the new Big Ideas for term 1b.  Grand Challenges continue from last half term.  Deeper learning days TBC.


Discovery: Finding out new things is a human driver and affects things for better or worse.

Level 1

Communication: When information is shared accurately and clearly the end result is more effective

Level 1+ 

Leadership: For better or worse, one or more people can use influence so that others aid and support them.


Level 2:  Students are working towards an ‘academic poster fair’ that will be presented at UCL in December.  Students will be presenting their ideas about a challenge facing global cities.

Level 2+: Students are continuing to work through a series of seminars and discussions related to the Grand Challenge in house time.  A deeper learning day will be designed for December so that students can demonstrate their thinking about Human Wellbeing.

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