Battle of the Houses


After another successful day of sporting competition, Orion were crowned 2014-2015 Battle of the Houses winners. With the competition taking place across 5 sports – Basketball, Football, Netball, Table Tennis and Tug of War- there were many examples of excellent sporting prowess, as well as teamwork, communication and leadership. Students competing in all sports from all houses made a fantastic contribution to what was a very successful day, which saw the tension in the house battle cranked up as we move into the final academic term of the year.

Congratulations to Orion who retained their title.

The final points standings were as follows;

1. Orion – 530 points
2. Lyra- 470 points
3. Cygnus- 400 points
4. Vela- 400 points
5. Equuleus- 380 points