Tutor Roles w/c – 30 March 2020

Tutor Roles

From Monday 30 March we would like all tutors to get in contact with students once a week to check in. Please keep a record of the conversations here

The purpose:

  • To find out what has gone well during the last week and even better if.
  • To understand if the use of the Online Academy is going as planned, and what technology issues they may have.
  • To find out how the students are doing with regards to well-being.

Not the purpose:

  • Find out how their family situation is.
  • Tell them off for not doing online work.

To get in contact with students please use GMail or the school phones (if you are in for the rota below) only at the moment. Do not use your personal phone, even with your caller ID hidden.

Your HOH/ Director Lead will be in contact to see how it is going and if there are any issues.

If students or you have immediate concerns about IT please refer to the school website, more global issues to the HOH and for Safeguarding concerns please contact the DSL.

We will continue to review systems and all feedback is greatly appreciated.