New: History L2

This is a message for all students beginning L2 History in September 2017. 

In preparation to successfully begin your History GCSE in September we require you to complete over the summer the following three tasks.

1:Choose one of the following areas of Medicine Through Time, Research & Record as much as you can about how this area of medicine changed between the ancient Greek period and today

  • Surgery
  • Public Health and the Health of the public
  • Causes of Illness
  • Cures and medicines
  • Physiology (knowledge of how the body works)

You will present your research (no less than 3 A4 pages of notes) in one of your first History lessons in September.

2: Find and revise the answers to the following questions. You will be tested on these during your second lesson (Thursday the 14th of September)

Develop Your Knowledge

  1. What is the name of the Roman goddess of Health?
  2. How many books were in the Hippocratic Corpus?
  3. Name three things the Romans built to aid the health of the urban population.
  4. In Galen’s most famous experiment on a live pig what did he prove?
  5. What was the physical temperament for yellow bile?
  6. Who was at the top of the Roman social structure, thus accessing the greatest health care?
  7. What is the theory/belief of bad air causing illness?
  8. What is antiseptic?
  9. Why did doctors study start charts?
  10. Why did doctors bleed some patients?
  11. Hugh and Theodoric of Luca influenced which aspect of MTT?
  12. Hugh of Luca advocated what practice?
  13. Name one impact on MTT of a centralised governmental system such as the Roman rule over Britannia and feudal rule of Medieval Monarchs?
  14. Name three beliefs held in Romano Britain for the causes of illness.
  15. Name three aspects of physiology that Galen accurately proved.
  16. Order religious beliefs for the period 50-1350Ad
  17. What role did Roman soldiers play in aiding public health?
  18. Name the 4 Humours.
  19. Name the 3 schools of medicine set up in Italy during the Medieval period.
  20. Who was Guy de Chauliac?
  21. What was the purpose of a Medieval Urine Chart?
  22. Why did Medieval doctors carry posies, oranges and lighted tapers?
  23. What aspect of MTT does a gongfermer relate to?
  24. St Bart’s is an example of?
  25. Name the most influential Muslim doctor on British Medicine during the Medieval period?
  26. Whose ideas had the Church’s seal of approval?
  27. What new development did hemlock and opium allow in Medieval times?
  28. What is a lazar house a good example of?
  29. Who, in Medieval times, identified the importance of a good diet?
  30. Spell the word for pain relief.
  31. Who developed Germ Theory?
  32. What aspect of MTT to Snow contribute to?
  33. What role was played by Chadwick?
  34. Give the date of one public health act.
  35. Koch developed what?
  36. What is Ehrlich associated with?
  37. Who developed principles of nursing and hospital care?
  38. What was the main illness treated in hospitals in the 19th century?
  39. Who funded 19th century hospital care?
  40. State the steps of the Scientific method.

3: View and make notes on the Prezi below – this will help you undertake task 1 and 2.


In advance of september we require you to purchase an A4 Lever Arch folder and bring this with you to your first History lesson. 

For further information contact the L2 History Lead Teacher, Mr Gratton

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