GCSE Geography

Level 2 and Level 2+ GCSE course outline and resource access

The full AQA A specification can be found here

Your Geography course involves a huge amount of knowledge and skills to learn and understand.

You will be assessed by sitting 3 exam papers at the end of the course as outlined below;

It is vital that you take time to review your learning on a regular basis.  Within each section of the ‘knowledge synthesis sheets’ found below you will find ‘knowledge questions’ that will allow you to test the extent of your knowledge and understanding. If you can’t answer the questions you don’t know it!!

To help you retain the breadth of knowledge required, It is expected that in your own time;

  • You create revision resources such as flashcards that help you with memory and retention of the vast amount of content covered this year.  Use the text book to synthesise the key information/knowledge to help you on each flashcard.
  • Self quiz: Answer from memory both the provided questions (see below synthesis sheets) and those that you create yourself.  You could write down your quiz answers from memory or ask a friend or parent to help by asking you the questions.  You should be doing self quizzing on a regular basis – i.e. weekly and quizzing yourself on content you have studied the month or year before!

Sample exam papers can be found here.  You will practice exam questions on a regular basis in class and these will be marked by your peers and your teachers.  But you must have the knowledge to be able to do these first!

Teaching resources e.g. slides, I can statements and assignments can be found here

The course is split into the topics found below – hyperlinked to the knowledge synthesis sheets.  You MUST use these to help you revise and retain the knowledge necessary to be successful at GCSE level.  These include what you need to learn, links to other resources/text book pages and knowledge questions.

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment.

Section A: The challenge of natural hazards knowledge synthesis sheet

Section B: The Living World knowledge synthesis sheet

Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK: Coastal Landscapes knowledge synthesis sheet

Physical landscapes in the UK: River landscapes knowledge synthesis sheet


Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment

Section A: Urban issues and challenges knowledge synthesis sheet

Course assignments

Section B: The changing economic world

Section C: The challenge of resource management


Paper 3: Geographical applications

Section A: Issues evaluation: This allows you to critically think about a geographical issue by studying various secondary resources.  A resource booklet is released 12 weeks before the exam to become familiar with the information.  It will allow you to apply your knowledge from other parts of the geography course (synoptic).  You will then answer questions based on the resource booklet (a new blank one is given in the exam).

Section B: Fieldwork:  We will carry out TWO fieldwork investigations in contrasting environments.  These will take place in Epping Forest and within the school locality in Camden.  You will then be able to answer questions in paper 3 on various skills you have developed from your fieldwork investigations.

Geographical skills

You will be asked to use skills in all three of the exam papers.  Below is some guidance.

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