Learn to… Sessions

The Learn to… Programme has been developed with the aim to induct all Foundation students into their Learning Set, raising their awareness about the unique nature of learning collaboratively within their Learning Set.

This programme has been informed by ongoing research, undertaken within the Academy, into Leaning Set relations and group dynamics, and has been shaped in particular by
1: the importance of positive Connected Collaborative Communication
2: the importance of equality in power obtained through generosity of Knowledge Understanding and Skills

The principles behind the Programme as it is laid out below are:
1: the programme is facilitated weekly by the tutor and just their Foundation Learning Set
2: the programme is presented on a single information slide to be displayed each week during the session
3: the programme is facilitated over 12 weeks
4: pre assessment of communication skills is used to measure progress in Connected Communication across the Programme
5: an end of programme assessment will determine progress in relation to Connected Communication and an understanding of learning collaboratively as a Learning Set
6: the Programme is certificated, through a Graduation held in January, once successfully completed by all members of the Learning Set.

The Programme is supported through the Learning Platform and enhanced within the classroom due to the use of Lanyard Cards. Every student will be issued with a Connected Communication Lanyard Card and a pack of Collaborative Learning Role cards for each Learning Set. use of such is to be supported by all teaching staff within the directed and self-directed curriculum.

Session 1

Session 1: Connected Communication Pre Assessment sheet for teachers. Print this out, make notes on it and use it to grade individual students communication skills.

Please label with tutor id and pass these grade sheets to RGR (Mr Gratton).

Session 2: Connected Communication Lanyard Cards

Tutors will be provided with a card for each of their tutees. This card is to be worn on the lanyard and should be discussed during todays Learn to… session (see below).

The physical Lanyard Card can be collected from your Head of House.

Connected Communication Lanyard Cards can be found below:

Session 3: the distinctive features of your Learning Set

Session 4: learning because of your Learning Set

Session 5: respectful talk and communication

Session 6: sharing your thoughts about your Learning Set

Session 7: generosity

Session 8: Reflecting on an Exit Point

Session 9: What is the purpose of learning in our Learning Set? 


Session 10: What does leadership look like within our Learning Set?

Session 11: Has your Learning Set communication changed?

Your tutor will use this sheet to grade your discussions during this Learn to… session.
Link to the grading sheet
All sheets are to be given to the Head of House and then on to Mr gratton.

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