Learn to…Learning Set Mediation for students

The purpose of these resources is to support tutors, teachers and above all learners to resolve conflicts that occur within Learning Sets through the use of Interpersonal Small Group Mediation strategies.

The Purpose of Learning Set Mediation for students:
Learning Set’s are dynamic group structures designed to engineer and facilitate both learning and social relationships. The three principles of:
1: 6 in number;
2: Heterogeneous in character (diversely mixed);
3: Sustained overtime;
have the potential to either enable high functioning learning and social relationships or low functioning learning and social relationships. To enable the desired outcome of the Learning Set relationships must be nurtured by all 7 members of the Learning Set; the 6 students and the 1 tutor.

As with any group, problems and issues concerning relationships can emerge and if unresolved can evolve into corrosively negative group relations. The key therefore is to enable the successful resolution of substantive, communication and relational problems as they emerge.

Vigilance, swift action and mediation on the part of the tutor can enable the group to locate the causes, course and consequences of the problem or issue and with this foster healthier Learning Set relationship.

By empowering learners themselves to undertake the process we increase interdependence and the skills needed for sustainable collaboration.

Session 1: Conflict Resolution

Session 2: Communicating in a conflict

Session 3: Communication for resolution

Session 4: To follow

Session 5: To Follow
Image-2Learning Set Mediation document to be printed out and used by mediators to record the process. Click here for a copy. 

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