L2 Controlled Assessment: The Vietnam ‘War’

The following presentation is the main resource for this first L2 unit. It will be added to throughout the unit, used in learning sessions and hopefully you will use it navigate and access the activities and resources at your own pace.

Pre-Summer activities:

This link will give you access to the Causes of the Vietnam Conflict folder. In here you will find a class folder and within this a GDoc for each Learning Set. You will furnish this document with answers to your Driving Questions following the first investigation: Why did a conflict emerge between the USA and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam?

HOME LEARNING: Click here to gain quick access to Week 1-3 and the Summer Home Learning for the Vietnam Unit.


September 2015: L2 Sessions and Activities

All in class content is Visible through the Prezi above

This link will take you directly to the Mark Scheme for your Controlled Assessment; the focus of this entire unit.


Skills Master Classes: Every Wednesday we will do focused Master Classes on GCSE skills. You can find all MC resources here.

This link takes you to a mind map with links to additional resources related to the Vietnam Conflict

A fast link to a comprehensive ‘factual’ outline of the conflict can be found here.

WATCH this space for additional links and resources.

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