L1+ Unit 3 Knowledge Questions

revise and be ready to get 80% on the following Knowledge questions. The assessment will be after 1/2 term.

  1. What is the order of the Nazi racial hierarchy?
  2. What year did Hitler come into power?
  3. In 1933 the first boycott of Jewish shops happened within Germany. What is a boycott?
  4. In what year were the Nuremberg Race Laws introduced?
  5. Give one of these race laws.
  6. What event occurred in 1938 which marked a change in Nazi treatment towards the Jews?
  7. In september 1939 the first ghetto for jewish people was set up in Poland. What was a ghetto?
  8. When was the ‘Final Solution’ agreed upon at Wansee on the outskirts of Berlin?
  9. What was the name of the infamous death and Labour camp set up in Poland?
  10. How many Jewish victims were there of the extermination camps up until 1945?

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