L1+ Exit Point 1. Attias’ Identity

In this paragraph I will talking to you about, what makes me me. What my beliefs are, what experiences I have had that makes me me and what influence I have on others and how I act and behave.

I am a Pisces which means that my birthday is in March. I am from Trinidad and tobago. I am a tomboy but at points I like to be a girlygirl, this is mostly when I go to parties or on a special occasion. I really love music, mostly one direction, 5 seconds of summer, Ariana grande and many more. Also I love acting and drawing. I consider myself to be very creative. I am Christian which means I believe in God. The reason I am christian is mostly because of my family but also I believe that God can bring good things out in life, and if you do something bad God we will never hate and always forgive.

An experience that I have had that makes me me is when I went to Thorpe park and got over my fears of roller coasters. I think this makes me me because I used to have a huge fear of rollercoasters but when I look back at myself going on a roller coaster I can always remember that I faced my fear.

My learning set (ly2) says that my influence on them is leadership, because I am always the one that wants to present and mostly the one who gets them organised to start and finish work.

Around my family I act very polite and friendly and also when I see people I don’t know, but I think when I am around my friends I act very crazy and I am friendly and I always like to act caring for everyone.

Overall my identity contributes to the learning set because by taking the role of being the leader it helps them to be organised (sometimes). I am also really good at presenting and if some of my learning set aren’t confident I can help them out. Also when my learning set are having problems I try as much as possible to be kind and caring to help them to become more strong and take control of there feelings.

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