History Knowledge Questions – Unit 4

Foundation – Resolution (Multiple Choice)

  1. When did the Great War take Place?
  2. What type of warfare was used during World War I?
  3. Who was shot in Sarajevo, the spark that led to the Great War?
  4. In which country was most of World War I fought?
  5. Which two countries were allied with England at the start of the war?
  6. What does Imperialism mean?
  7. What was the name of the Peace Treaty that ended the war?
  8. What were the four MAIN causes of the Great War?
  9. What does militarism mean?
  10. What were the two alliances Europe was divided into called?
  11. When, officially, did the Great War end?
  12. Which country was blamed for the war?
  13. What are Reparations?
  14. What new weapons made their debut in the Great War?
  15. Who were the most important three men at the end of the Great War?
  16. What name were they known by?
  17. What International peace keeping agency was set up at the end of the war?
  18. Did Germany sign the Peace Treaty?
  19. True or False: Could Germany keep all its army and colonies after the war?
  20. Who shot Franz Ferdinand?
  21. When was Franz Ferdinand shot?

Level 1 – Resilience (Multiple Choice)

  1. What were the 4 Humours?
  2. Who was the most famous Greek Doctor?
  3. Which animal did the famous Roman Doctor Galen dissect to learn about people?
  4. What was built to bring clean water for the Roman public health system into cities?
  5. What was considered to be the main causes of sickness in the medieval period,1066-1500?
  6. In which pre 20th Century period of time did knowledge about what the body looked like and how it worked rapidly develop?
  7. Which two Scientists competed against each other yet helped each other to develop Germ Theory and Vaccinations?
  8. What was developed by Simpson?
  9. Who helped to develop Penicillin?
  10. What came into existence in 1948?

Level 1+ – Renewal (Multiple Choice)

  1. What was the Industrial Revolution?
  2. What was the ‘new’ industry dominated by?
  3. Which statement is the best summary of the economy in 1750?
  4. What ‘class’ did the Industrial Revolution create?
  5. What led to population explosion in England?
  6. Why do some historians dislike the term ‘Industrial Revolution’?
  7. What changes did the Industrial revolution NOT see?
  8. What led to political changes?
  9. Which areas of Britain grew the most?
  10. Which industry saw the earliest benefit of innovations?

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