Reflect and Connect at The UCL Academy

Why have a discrete Reflection and Connection session?

In a busy week in the life of a student at The UCL Academy, students study a range of academic subjects and have a range of experiences.  Living in a global city and being hyper-connected through technology, it is also important that students can find silence and partake in purposeful reflection; for academic and personal growth. Weekly opportunities to reflect deeply on their personal learning journeys is a fundamental facet of an individual’s growing metacognitive practices. Additionally, for a happy and prosperous life both personally and for the sake of their communities, students must also reflect on their own and others personal well being. In other words, learning who they are, how to be and their unique place within the world. As such Reflect & Connect sessions provide a means for an individual, through reflection, engagement and deep self evaluation to practice and master a number of attributes associated with the effective lifelong and lifewide learner.

Sessions provide opportunities for reflection to take place on a number of different levels;

  1. The intrapersonal level – explicitly addressing their own progress, interests, personal wellbeing and ambitions.  This will also include learning how to learn and metacognition.  
  2. The interpersonal level – how well students can empathise with others such as within their learning set or with other generations.  This is increasingly important in a hyper-connected world where technology is changing relationships and how we communicate and empathise with one another.  
  3. The local and global level – how their learning connects across subjects, to their lives and to the real world. Opportunities to link their learning and experiences to contemporary issues facing their community and elsewhere is a central tenet of Global Citizenship.

Foundation and Level 1 students have a weekly timetabled lesson for Reflect and Connect. Level 1+ will spend one House-time session per week on Reflect and Connect.

Facilitators Guide to Reflect and Connect (MUST READ)

Foundation R&C shared resources

Level 1 R&C shared resources

Weekly reflection questions



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