Weekly Challenges

Friday the 1st of July: House Time session with F and L1 in the Art Room

Friday the 8th of July: House Time session with L1p and L2 in the Art Room 

01/07/16 What are your thoughts on this short article?

EXPERTS warn that “the substitution of machinery for human labour” may “render the population redundant”. They worry that “the discovery of this mighty power” has come “before we knew how to employ it rightly”. Such fears are expressed today by those who worry that advances in artificial intelligence (AI) could destroy millions of jobs and pose a “Terminator”-style threat to humanity. But these are in fact the words of commentators discussing mechanisation and steam power two centuries ago. Back then the controversy over the dangers posed by machines was known as the “machinery question”. Now a very similar debate is under way.

After many false dawns, AI has made extraordinary progress in the past few years, thanks to a versatile technique called “deep learning”. Given enough data, large (or “deep”) neural networks, modelled on the brain’s architecture, can be trained to do all kinds of things. They power Google’s search engine, Facebook’s automatic photo tagging, Apple’s voice assistant, Amazon’s shopping recommendations and Tesla’s self-driving cars. But this rapid progress has also led to concerns about safety and job losses. Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and others wonder whether AI could get out of control, precipitating a sci-fi conflict between people and machines. Others worry that AI will cause widespread unemployment, by automating cognitive tasks that could previously be done only by people. After 200 years, the machinery question is back. It needs to be answered.



View the summary videos of the renowned philosophers.
How would each view:

  • The Presidential campaign in America
  • Brexit
  • The Migration debate

We will discuss this in The Friday Sessions.


13/04/16: Why would the World not tip if the entire global population collected and stood upon the island of Madagascar?

08/02/16: Consider, Under what circumstances can a Peace Treaty cause a War?

27/01/16: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.~Eleanor Roosevelt
Consider this quote. How can you relate it to your own context?

18/01/16: Associate your learning in all subjects this week to the concept of Regression. Explore Regression in any way you like, but seek examples of the existence of such a concept and process within the content covered within your lessons this week. Discuss your conclusions with peers, parents and tutors.