Knowledge Quiz – 2

1, What is ‘Parliamentary Privilege’?
2, What are the 4 Privileges petitioned by Parliament to the Monarch?
3, When was Shirley’s Case?
4, When did the Thirty Year War start and end?
5, When did Buckingham and Charles go on the ‘Madrid Trip’?
6, Name the key differences between the Puritan and Catholic religions in England in early 1600s.
7, What was published in 1611?
8, When was the Hampton Court Conference?
9, What were Bancroft’s Canons?
10, When did each of James’ Parliaments begin and end?

Knowledge Quiz – 1

1, How much was James spending by 1614?
2, What was the Book of Bounty?
3, What was Tonnage and Poundage?
4, What were the three ways the Monarch make money?
5, What was wardship?
6, What was Purveyance?
7, Who was Lord Treasurer from 1608?
8, What did The Great Contract offer James?
9, Who was James’ first favorite?
10, When was James I first Parliament?
Define these key words:

Political Nation