Trip to Harry Potter Studios!

Sustainable Architecture students had a great time at Harry Potter studios, learning about modelling, architectural drawings and lots of other types of set design that will help them in the model making of their own eco classroom.

Well done everyone, you were perfectly behaved and real ambassadors 🙂

hp1 h2 hp3 hp4 hp6 hp7 hp11 hp12

Mobile phone App development lecture

CEO of Tech start-up Iconeme is coming to talk to us about:

– How he went into App development.

– The App made by his company with it’s features

– The importance of coding/programming these days.

– Q&A session where students can ask questions


Thu 11 Dec during SDL:

3.30 pm to 4.30  for L1+

4.30 to 5.30 for L3




Level 1

They’ve been waiting to do some practical work – today they were modelling their iPad stands from styrofoam. Well done Level 1 a5.

he1 he1 he2 he3